You set up your website. You bought the domain. You know that you have to write consistently so that your subscribers will have something to look forward in their emails. 

You posted the article. You check your stats. 


You probably only get around 10 traffic and it’s cause you ask your friends to check it out. 

How do you get more traffic is the question you are thinking most of the time. 

You contemplate on buying website traffic. However, you read on many reviews that there are a lot of fake traffic – bots. 

I know what you are going through. Trust me. So here are some reasons why your blog isn’t getting enough traffic. Improve these and you will see the number of visitors to be climbing up. 


1. SEO 

The buzzword, which most would know stands for search engine optimized. How this works is simple. Let me show you how!

Say you are looking to buy website traffic. 

You go Google and type that phrase. 

The result that comes out are these: 


The first one with the exclamation mark is an ad. However, the others by ezoic, ultimatewebtraffic, webtrafficgeeks and so on are ranked the first on Google search engine. 

They are able to do so because they have articles and key phrases, which are tied to the phrase ‘buy website traffic’. Thus, you have to do the same too. If your blog is about keto, you have to write articles about say keto diet plan, secrets of keto, why keto is effective and so on. 

Make sure to use a plugin called Yoast if you are using WordPress so that you know you are in the ‘green zone’ (what you have to aim for). Apart from that if think that your article is very detailed and offers comprehensive guide for your audience, you can make it into a cornerstone article. 

What this means is that your article will go through stricter process to get to the green zone which you can track by your Yoast. However, once you achieve this, Google will favour this a lot more than the articles not marked as cornerstone. But, a word of caution is to only do so if you really think it provides value to your audience. Only then will your blog be generating traffic. 



2. Indexing 


Closely tied to SEO, indexing is just as important. When you are using Yoast, you would get notes on what you have to and you should implement as much as possible. Some examples of indexing is to add alt description for images you add on your blog post. 

Apart from that, you can improve the indexing by having a great snippet. Snippet are little words that describe the website or article. Using the search engine image, which I showed you, the next image is the snippet. Look at the description they are using. 


As you can see, this is an article about buying website traffic. It is able to rank up and shown on the first page of Google due to the value of in depth information for their audience. 

Similarly, for 2019, indexing has changed slightly. You can’t just keep repeating a phrase, as it has to be understandable as well. You have to ensure you utilize H3 for headings and so it looks proper.

Google has more preference over website that is older, have at least 35 blog posts and offer insightful guides. Your goal is to ensure the audience don’t click away. Engage in them and make them read your article. 


3. Social Media Presence 


Without social media presence when you are setting up an online business is basically committing a business suicide. When someone is interested in a product or service, the first thing they would do is to Google it. 

Thus, it is crucial to have your social media in store. It doesn’t have to be multiple. I understand that as a new blogger it can be overwhelming. So my advice is to use just 2 social media which you are familiar and know that your audience is there. 

Going back to the keto example, the target audience are people who are looking to lose weight. If you have a talent in creating wonderful images through Photoshop or Canva, your platform would be on Pinterest. If what you are providing is say face to face training with the help of keto diet plan, then maybe Twitter would be the platform you should concentrate on. 

When handling social media, you have to keep your tone and persona consistent. Don’t ever pretend to be something you aren’t. People can tell if you are being genuine or not. Post stuff that resonates with your audience. You can do this by raising their curiosity and having titles that are listicles. 


4. Ads 


This would be perfect for you who have the budget. It is also a great way to scale your business provided you have been blogging for quite some time. As you can see from the image above, the ad is this. 



There are several ways to do this, either through Google Ads. Many websites out there would want to help you out on this if you have the budget. If you plan on hiring them do conduct some research to see if they are genuine and can deliver results that pays off. 

An advantage of ad is that it helps to broadcast yourself or rather your brand to the public. Your task when blogging is to make an article that is useful. You can end it with a product or service so that are able to make money from that. 

Ads make it simpler for you as these people that search for that has an intention to buy. Hence, converting them would be simpler compared to cold traffic. Your website would gain more traffic too as ads pin your blog on the top of the page. Although some people may not click on it since there is an ‘ad’ tag, majority would be curious to see what you have to offer to people. 

Make sure your product or service is great by having good testimonials and have quality customer support. With those two combined, you have a killer business that would be on the way to be very profitable. 


5. Word of Mouth 


This is perhaps the most underrated method to get traffic for your blog. Many people rely on the online presence these days thanks to technology. However, by doing so, you may be missing a segment of people that aren’t always up to date. 

Hence, if you have time to hang out and spend time with your friends you can slip a little and tell them about your blog. Get them to rave it to their friends, colleagues, boss, and family members. 

The power of word of mouth is very strong. For example, there is this one pizza parlour that is old fashioned. But the owner is a smart man. For the patrons in his pizza parlour, he give them 2 tickets for 5% discount. They can use it when they bring new friends and faces to the place. 

Within 3 months, the place is a buzz and almost everyone in that town and the surrounding towns know of that pizza parlour. Just 3 months! New faces and familiar faces are always in that parlour. 

That is the power of word of mouth. 

Do the same with your blog and you will see the traffic number in your Google Analytics to increase steeply! 

Now, I know you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all these information. You do not know where exactly to start. So let me guide you. 

If you have money and you are brand new (1-8 months of blogging), it is important for you to have someone with expertise to place you on the map. You have to make some noise. Thus, in order to do this you would have to buy website traffic. 

I get your hesitance in doing so. Trust me, I thought I was okay with doing everything myself too! But it just ended up demotivating me and I was overworked. I do not want you to go through the same situation as I did. 

Hence, I would suggest for you to give Get People a try. Our traffic will get you real and organic traffic which would then be converted to increase your sales figure. Apart from that we are super affordable! Just take a look at our plans. Surely if you want your business to grow, you would have to make the right decision. 



The best thing is that it has money back guarantee and you are able to cancel any time you want! You can even give it a trial for 2 days, totally free! So if you decide to make the right call, do contact us right here. We are looking forward to hear all about your blog and your vision. You dream it, we make it happen. 

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