Online marketing has become the most sustainable platform for many startups and already existing businesses. When compared with its offline counterpart, online marketing provides an easier to handle and measure outlet with a lesser capital involved.

Even with this, a lot of traditional/offline marketing strategies can be achieved through the support and building of a strong online brand. Also, the most effective marketing strategies known to yield immense results involves the combination of both online and offline methods.

What is offline marketing?

Offline marketing is marketing that includes everything except the internet. Its strategies employ the traditional means of making businesses and brands public, thus helping to increase the maximum audience range.

Most times, offline marketing is used to publicize a business at the local/community level, it does not really foster a rapid universal outreach. However, it has been revealed that most customers derived through offline methods are more trusting of our brand; hence help to promote it.

How to Support your online market Using Offline Marketing Strategies

Offline and online marketing techniques are excellent support systems when efficiently implemented together by creating a unified strategy. There several high growth marketing strategies which, when implemented can produce good results and deliver most on impact. Keep reading, I’ll bring to light the five most effective offline marketing strategy and how they can be integrated into your specific market.

Although it is quite understandable that businesses vary and what suits Mr. A may not be so great for Mr. B as every industry is different. Sometimes a great technique that worked for another marketer may be less relevant to your audience. This is why it’s important only to adopt techniques that best suit your market no matter how many times you may have used it.

  1. Networking 

Talking face to face with your client/audience has always been an effective and valuable means to bringing your offline customers to your online platform. Face to face interactions will always play an important role in networking. Also, it is vital in driving more traffic to your website and allowing you to connect your physical contacts to your virtual online brand.

Many marketers know this old trick. Most times, all you need to convince your customer is a good old fashioned one on one discussion. The ability to put a face to a brand is important because it removes the abstraction websites create and gives you a more approachable credit. However, it is important to choose a scenario where you apply this method carefully.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to choose opportunities wisely. This includes seeking organizations or associations where your target audience is most. Once you’ve gotten into a good spot, in time, your networking skills will yield fruits as you may be opportune to speak at national conferences or other high audience gatherings.

  1. Conferences and trade shows 

Attending nitch related trade shows and conferences can provide the opportunity to network to prospective online audience and buyers. Also gaining an audience for your online market, you get offline market opportunities as well. Also, aside being one of the best places to network, clever collaboration with the organizer could land you a spot as one of the featured speakers. This is an excellent way to market offline and a sure way to convert traffic online. This brings us to the next strategy.

  1. Speaking engagements

Marketers who regularly engage in speaking opportunities with high target audience have higher offline and online audience than marketers who don’t. This is because they have an eager, attentive, and highly targeted audience ready to listen to them. Also, they gain the trust of the audience more easily than others as these speaking opportunities put them in a credible leadership position.

As a startup marketer or business owner on your journey to converting a large online audience through offline techniques, aim towards speaking engagements. However, because you’re still upcoming don’t expect that such opportunities will be handed to you on a platter of gold. It is good to start gradually through approaching local association chapter. Also, take your mind off getting paid when you get the initial opportunities after all most international gigs for renowned marketers cover only travel expenses. Rather, aim at your achieving your goals of gaining the trust of your audience.

  1. Demos and consultations 

Creating a personal demo helps create a personal and direct connection between you and the customer. Demos/consultations are one of the most effective means of creating a direct connection between you and your audience.  Hence, they can be described as one of the most effective tools for harnessing offline prospects into online converts.

To pull off a successful demo/consultation, it is important to set up prior marketing interactions. For instance, if a prospective customer visits your offline outline regularly, it is a clear indication that they show interest in what you have to offer. To keep connected better, you could offer free consultations or services. This helps create extra confidence and prompts the customer to look forward to more services in the future.

  1. Warm calling

Another effective technique for converting offline audience to online is through warm calling.  Although warm calling is not as popular as it used to be, it creates a personal touch that can go a long way in resonating the interest of the buyers. Calls are more personal than emails; hence, they create a better interaction between you and the customer. 

A “warm” prospect is any customer whose knowledge about your firm goes beyond the basic prospects, they are likely to get exposed to your thought leadership. They are quite easy t convert to your online platform because they already have an idea of what your products and services are. 

How to combine strategies for better online results

Customers are the backbone of any business, and when on a mission to engage them, there no need choosing between offline or online marketing strategies as both already apply. It is wiser to use both as this would yield faster results. Through the combination of both approaches, be rest assure that you can bring your marketing to full circle. This also goes to improving for conversion rates, firm visibility, and attracting more attention to your online brand. Here are 5 ways to combine online and offline strategies.

  1. Place digital contact info on business cards

What better way to synchronize offline customers on your online platform than ensuring they have your digital contact information handy. Information such as email addresses, Twitter handles, and other social media pages should be clearly attached to your business card. This will help expand the relationship from offline to online and increase marketing opportunities.

  1. The engaging the audience on social media trough mail campaign

Encourage customers to join a social media campaign through user-generated content, email campaigns, and challenge. You can create a specific hashtag to help track campaign, invite the audience to take selfies, which in turn will encourage other prospects to learn more about your products and services.

  1. Create an opportunity for social media fans to give contributions to intending products and services

Sometimes your fans are in a better position to know what suits them. For instance, you could ask their opinions online regard stuff such as artwork and colors to use for a next print or product cover. This is an excellent way to engage them and create a more personal interaction while making them feel like part of the brand already. 

Need I tell you that once a customer feels like part of a brand they go all out for and even help market your products themselves. 

  1. Start an offline campaign that directs customers online 

A good offline campaign could be all you need to get a lot of online conversions. To direct customers online using an offline campaign, all you need is a good and interesting offline story which can capture interest enough to continue online. 

This is achieved by including a link to a landing page where they can get more content. By so doing, they are indirectly exposed to your online page and services.

  1. Use online calls-to-action (CTA) when promoting offline pieces

It works magic when you know just the right steps to take for getting online conversions. Using a call to action in offline ad campaign directing customers to a landing page to follow up on information is also an excellent way to get online conversions. 

Similarly, entering an online contest or offering free value-added content such as an e-book or white paper is good tools to gain that all-important e-mail address from customers.

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