The world of business is changing rapidly, And every business owner should be able to move along with these changes. Otherwise, they may not remain in business in the long run.  Content is the king in digital marketing. Whether you are writing a blog post, website content, or advertising copy, you need great content to get your audience attention. 

The importance of content cannot be over-emphasized, they are so emotional that your audience automatically feels connected to your brand. But creating such type of content requires you to do things differently. Firstly, You have to democratize your content creation process and co-opt your audience and influencers into your content creation process. This process is called content co-creation.

Content co-creation occurs when brands create content in collaboration with the customers and influencers in their niche. This content strategy gives voices to real people and makes your content resonates with your audience. A well-implemented content co-creation strategy can get you to the top in your niche. In fact, it will enable you to gain immediate traction and competitive advantage. 

Content co-creation is one of the most effective content marketing techniques that can drive a great number of visitors to your website. It can also increase your brand awareness and enable you to achieve better goals. Any brand that uses content co-creation strategy creates the impression that they are more concerned about their audience. And businesses must adapt to this trend to gain a more loyal audience. 

In this article, you will learn how to go about co-creating content with similar target market…

Why Do Companies Co-create Their Content?

Brands engage in content co-creation because it enables them to inculcate their audience interest, value, and feelings into their contents. In other words, the content resonates with the audience as they see themselves as part of the content. This will increase the engagement level and attract a more loyal audience. 

How To Co-Create Contents With Similar Target Market 

  1. Define Your Goal

Your first task as a brand when you are co-creating content is to define your goal. Once you have a goal, the entire process will be strategic and easy. The content that you want to co-create with collaborators serves different audiences. This includes; prospects, brand, industry media, and influencers, etc. and they all have different goals. For instance, influencers will need more exposure, prospects may need expert information about your niche, brands may want to grow expertise and attract new business. With these different audiences in mind, you can actually define your goal and co-create contents that connect with your audience. 

  1. Select A Topic 

You have to select the right topic. How well your content performs sometimes depend on the topic. Some topics are very compelling, and your audience can’t just resist the temptation of clicking through it. Topics represent the content theme and area of focus. With this, you can source for influencers and other collaborators who will be part of the content co-creation process. 

When selecting a topic, ensure that mutual value is created. You can do this by ensuring that your topic aligns with brand, influencer, and community. 

  1. Identify The Type Of Content Or Media Mix

The next stage in co-creating content with a similar target market is to identify the type of content. Most times, the type of content to create depends on the target audience and the content marketing plan. 

Generally, certain types of contents are easy to co-create with influencers and other collaborators. Example of such contents are; eBooks, quoted infographics, blog posts, reports, and video compilation. As a rule of thumb, you must present a clear line of insight between the co-created content and the content objective in your marketing plan. 

  1. Find, Qualify, and Recruit Influencers 

Influencers are important in content co-creation. They influence your niche and understand your customers more than you do. So, they play an important role when co-creating contents. 

Influencers already have a community of loyal audience. They know the type of content that will engage the audience in your niche. Finding and recruiting the right influencer is time-consuming. But if you get it right, you are a step closer to your goal. 

You can decide to co-create content with the influencers you have a good relationship with or make new connections. 

Pro Tips: Try to get as many influencers as possible. This will enable you to be dynamic in your content creation, thus making the content to resonate with a large audience.

  1. Plan, Co-create And Repurpose Modular Content

Planning is an important aspect of content co-creation. As part of the plan, you should identify the primary and sub-themes, the influencers to work with, their contribution according to the theme, the type of content to be co-created, it’s component parts, social share messages, and repurposing. 

With a modular content plan in place, you will be able to pre-promote the co-created content project. This will help to create publicity for launching. After which, you can deconstruct the content for customized repurposing and social promotion on networks, blogs, and media. 

The success of your content co-creation strategy depends on your modular content. Try to make it count, this will help to expand your reach and expose your brand to a larger audience. 

  1. Inspire Participation And Promotion 

After co-creating content with influencers and other collaborators in your niche, you need to inspire participation and promotion. With the right promotional strategy, the content will go viral within a short time. 

As a rule of thumb, provide the influencers with tools like sharing images, pre-written tweets, embed codes, and short URL. This will go a long way to increase promotion participation and reach. 

  1. Performance Measurement And Optimization

Don’t forget that the essence of co-creating content is to attract a more loyal audience, gives your brand credibility and better recognition. 

Along the line, you must always measure the performance of the co-created content and optimize it if necessary for better performance. 

So, you can use parameters like social network shares, topic engagement, links, and blog pickups to measure the extent to which influencers are promoting the co-created content. You can also track embed used by influencers to create a blog post for referral traffic as well as referred social traffic from their links. 

Furthermore, you can track the reach, engagement, traffic, leads, and sales from the co-created content. This will give you an insight into individual contributions towards performance metrics like leads generated and sales. 

How Does Co-creating Contents Benefit Your Brand?

Co-creating contents with influencers and other stakeholders have several benefits. Below are some of them; 

  • Authenticity

Co-creating contents with influencers give authenticity to the content. This is because the content will communicate with the audience in a voice they are familiar with. 

It will scale through the usual bias of dishonesty most people have about advertising. This will make your audience naturally connect with your brand. 

  • Show Perceived Benefits 

Co-creating content enables you to show people the expected benefits of using your products or services rather than telling them. Also, influencers can show the expected benefits of using your products in a way that connects with the audience. The reason for this is because influencers audience are already used to their writing style, tone, and messaging. 

  • Creativity

Content co-creation comes with creativity. When you collaborate with influencers to create content, you will be exposed to suggestions. This will give you ideas on more innovative ways to showcase your product or expertise to your audience. Co-creating contents with influencers enable you to think outside the box. 

  • Multiple Voices

Co-creating content enables you to communicate with your audience in different voices. Most times, these contents are witty, engaging, and compelling. 

Co-created contents don’t appear too pushy and can help you reach the audience you never have access to. 

  • Generate Brand Loyalty

Content co-creation brings about brand loyalty. This is because the content isn’t about you or your brand, rather it stresses more on your audience’s pain and how your brand can help out. This will attract more customers to your brands and increase your credibility. Once your customers have the impression that you are credible and trustworthy, they will be loyal to your brand. 

Fastest Ways To Make A Co-created Content Go Viral

Co-created contents have the potential of going viral. But it depends on how the contents are written. Here are the 3 fastest ways to make a co-created content go viral.

  • Tell A Story In The Content

Content with a story connects easily with your audience. It enables your audience to see themselves as part of the message. Also, when co-created content features an interesting story, it is likely to go viral. 

  • Focus On The Content Headlines

Headlines are an essential part of every content. It can either attract people to read the content or scare them away. 

Take your time to write amazing headlines that will get your audience’s attention. 

  • Interact With Your Audience

This is the area where most brands flop. If your content is reaching more people, try as much as possible to respond to your audience’s comments. It enables you to create a bond with your audience.

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