With the increasing number of web traffic sales services online, one can hardly separate the figs from the husk. Read on to figure out how you can quickly identify a trustworthy web traffic sales service from a fake.

Why is it important?

The issue of the need to buy web traffic for your website is one of the most searched topics in most eCommerce search engines. Undeniably, the growth of an online business is dependent on the amount of traffic it generates. While many believe that organically growing your traffic is the best, recent studies show that buying web traffic is easier for new start-up businesses.

However, many web traffic buying services come with promises they cannot fulfill. Some are out to make money out of desperate start-up businesses. A wise business owner identifies all unforeseeable loopholes before making a choice. Here is to find out how to avoid subscribing to the wrong web traffic sales services when you want to buy website traffic. 

Qualities of a Good Website traffic sales service

When we talk about how to identify a good web traffic service, a lot of factors come into play. Some of these factors include; 

It should provide you with a good Business Plan and Marketing Strategy

Before investing a significant amount of time and money into buying website traffic, take a step back, and construct a business plan and marketing strategy.

One of the easiest ways to spot an excellent web traffic sales service is their ability to provide a detailed course of action with regards to your marketing and business plan. Many may argue that this is entirely the duty of your marketer, but I disagree. If any traffic buying service makes the promise to help grow a business by selling me traffic, it might as well provide useful business ideas to help convert and retain most of the traffic for a long while.

When we talk about your business plan, we’re not talking about a lengthy document that covers every scenario. Instead, an excellent web traffic sales service should know answers to the following questions.

  • What products or services are you selling?
  • What is your niche market, and who are your target customers?
  • What solution to customer’s problems are you offering?
  • Who are your competitors? Can you capitalize on their competitors’ weaknesses?
  • What will your online presence consist of?

Study and analyze your competitors

Competition is the fuel upon which businesses and ideas grow. If there are no competitions, there won’t be room for growth. One of the most significant driving forces of online marketing is the knowledge and process involved in outsmarting the completion. 

A right website traffic buying agency should be able to ascertain who your competitors are, analyze your existing traffic module, and determine the best demography to sell to you. For instance, if my website sells good old Mexican coffee, you can’t sell me traffic where majority are interested in mobile app. 

Hence, you must ask crucial questions such as this before making any decision when you want buy website traffic. An excellent web traffic sales service should know the following with regards to your competitors;

  • Identify your competitors; of course, there are varying degrees to this; there is direct competition, secondary or indirect competition, and the substitute competition. 
  • Gather information about your main competitors
  • Analyze the competition’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify your competitive advantage
  • Analyze Their SEO Structure
  • Look at their Social Media Integration
  • Identify Areas for Improvement

Know the services you provide and the specific demographic to target

Every business has a specific demography of customers it appeals to. Visitors visit your website only if you render services they require. Conversions are made when these visitors return over time to request for the same/similar assistance. 

Most traffic sales agencies do not do the necessary assignment with regards to knowing the specific demographic your services appeal to. Hence, whatever traffic you buy from them will have little or no conversion. Just like the example given in the point above. A website that specializes in marketing coffee will have no improvements if they buy traffic of mostly app lovers. 

An excellent website sales service do the following concerning selling you right traffic for your specific demographic;

  • Use a funnel approach
  • Obtain your demographic data
  • Study your existing network of conversions
  • Gather survey data to identify potential traffic

Utilize social media platforms in generating organic traffic

Social media remains one of the most effective methods most used by traffic sales agencies to generate traffic.  Like I said earlier, buying traffic goes beyond ascribing millions of followers to a business; it is the careful selection of real traffic selected from carefully analyzed algorithms related to the kind of services your website offers.

Social media is only one part of the puzzle. A good traffic sales agency should utilize social media effectively in generating traffic for your website worthy of conversion.

Understand the different factor that influences search engine ranking

Not that this point is essential, but it could be a plus. Understanding the various factors that affect search engine ranking could go a long way to help sell the proper traffic. Let’s not go into the details of how these agencies come about the traffic they sell o you, but a lot of factors come into play.

They analyze factors such as:

  • Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Domain Age, URL, and Authority
  • Optimized Content
  • Technical SEO
  • User Experience (RankBrain)
  • Links
  • Social Signals
  • Real Business Information

Provide/educate you on any eCommerce analytics/tracking system, such as Google GOOG +0% Analytics.

It is essential for any business manager who wishes to buy website traffic to know the rudiments of eCommerce analytics and tracking system. There are various systems out there to choose from. So whichever one you want ensure it is vital for your business. 

Most web traffic sales agencies do not offer their customers the services of educating them on the basics of eCommerce analytics/tracking systems, such as Google GOOG +0% Analytics. This is often neglected, but studies show that the few agencies who do gain the trust of their customers who always come back to buy more traffic. 

Common mistakes made by marketers when buying traffic

Having listed and explained all the excellent qualities a good web traffic sales service should possess, it is good to take a look at the common mistakes made by marketers when buying traffic. 

The underlying reason people buy traffic is the ability to get quick access to as many audiences as soon as possible.When it comes to buying web traffic, They don’t have to waitneiher do they need to have special skills. They need to go to the right channels, fill out the form, pay, and get the traffic. However, this sometimes is not as easy as it sounds

There’s a lot of things that have to be in place before you buy, during your purchase, and after your shopping, for you to get a positive return on investment on your money. Otherwise, you can kiss all your marketing budget goodbye because all that bought and paid-for traffic is probably not going to improve your conversions all that much.

Here are the two common mistakes marketers make. 

Buying bulk traffic all at once

Any marketer who as ever bought traffic is probably guilty of this. Before you spend so much to buy website traffic, take a moment to analyze all the necessary parameters. Never jump in with both feet. Most agencies make use of suspicious ads running forums in a fake cover for selling traffic. Once customers click on your site link, it doesn’t direct them directly to your site, so if you’ve spend a fortune to buy such traffic, it would be a total waste of money.

Not checking into Niche Targeting

Do not buy traffic from an agency that cannot guarantee traffic to a targeted niche no matter how cheap the offer sounds. Always ask question regarding the niche of traffic you are buying.

Finally, so many things could go wrong during the course of buying web traffic, however it is imperative that you are not so eager to rush into making decisions. Avoid jumping in with both feet. Since you are paying hard-earned dollars for traffic, you cannot afford to make costly mistakes. Get the right help get

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