You’ve heard all the stories. The stories of how some bloggers apparently didn’t have to post that often as you on social media. You may wonder ” What am I doing wrong?”. How do my competitors manage to be on the first page of Google while I can’t even reach the 10th page? 

There are two main reasons for this lack of ranking.

One is they buy targeted traffic whereas the other is they know how to do SEO (search engine optimized) thoroughly. It is really up to you if you want to do buy targeted traffic or learn to optimize yourself. The former of course would require you give up some cash whereas the latter you have to use your time to learn SEO tips. 

Let’s say you go for the second route. Once you’ll know the maint SEO’s secrets, you will get your blog to rank up. Literally, just leave it there check how it does after 1-3 months! 

Look, many metrics and guides out there would probably seem like rewrite to you. You’re right. It is! But, you see that is because there is a framework for SEO. Let’s get started with the basics!

1. Technical Bit 

Under this technical side of your blog, we will be going through 3 different crucial parts. The site speed, design of the page and the number of ads. 

a) Site speed 

People these days are not as patients. I mean look at me. If the site doesn’t load in 3 seconds, I would click x. Hence. You need to run tests to make sure your website is fast enough. 

To do so you can use a speed checker,  you can find tons which are readily & available online for free but we recommend using the Google One.  After you have determined the speed, you can improve the score by clearing the cache, reducing the image sizes and having less auto play videos. 

Once you finish tinkering on that, do run the test again and do it on different devices. You have to ensure it runs smoothly and fast on all of the devices. 

b) Design 

If your design isn’t pleasing to the eyes of your audience, you can say goodbye to ranking up organically. The design involves readable fonts, suitable sizes, correct match of colors and the layout of the pages. 

The colors have to be of a suitable palette scheme. Personally, I would prefer to use a maximum of 3 colors. I personally find that minimalist designs are the best ones. 

These together make up the design of your blog. The best way to do this is to find a balance. Say your blog is for youth around 18-25 years old. Your layout should be something reflecting that youthfulness as well as being pleasing aesthetically. 

c) Amount of ads 

Some blogs just plug in every type of ads as much as possible.

Please refrain and don’t do that. The number of ads in your blog shouldn’t be obtrusive. In fact, you should only have 3. One on both ends of the sidebar and maybe in between your article or above the article. 

Too many ads would also affect your loading time.

Longer loading = audience clicking ‘x’. We don’t want that. So limit the number of ads on your blog. 


2. Blog Posts 

a) Length

There had been many changes with Google’s algorithm from 2018 till this year, 2019. But, one thing remains the same. Google favors longer articles. (1200 words or more) 

However, there are certain criteria for the length of the article. It has to be useful to the audience. If it isn’t Google algorithm would push it down. It has to incorporate white hat SEO tactics. Apart from that, if the length of your article is long and engaging, the audience would stay longer on your page. 

Thus, this will reduce the bounce rate of your website. Bounce rate just so you know is the percentage of people that just log into your website and left without staying too long. Your job is to make sure they stay and read the entire article. 


b) Titles/headlines

Any copywriter would know that the title is the headline. Good copy but average headline would not convert. 

Thus, the titles of your articles are vital. 

The titles that usually work out are as follows: 

  • How To’s Do xx 
  • Top 10 xxx 
  • Reasons why xxx 
  • Did you know these 3 are xxx 
  • Doing this is xxx then xxx 

It works because those are what people would search for on Google. If your title fits the question the people ask and is in depth you have a better chance of ranking up on the first page of Google. 

Apart from that, some of these sample titles work because it piques the curiosity of your audience. Just check out the trending stories on Buzzfeed or even on Google Trends and you will see that they generally follow this type of pattern when writing titles.

c) Meta tags & URL structure

Meta tags involve using the right keywords on your alt image description. This enables Google or search engine to pick up the image and linked it with the keyword. Thus, it will be more visible. 

Similarly, the URL structure does the same thing. It shouldn’t be too long nor short. It should have the main keyword there and a simple description of the article. 

d) Engaging posts 

I’m sure you know that in order to make your reader stay, your posts have to be engaging. That poses a challenge to you. I understand that. But, there are ways to make it engaging. 

You can write in a conversational tone. Just as what I am doing right now. You feel that I am talking to you and thus, you want to know what will I be sharing next. Your eyes follow the next sentence and by the time you realize it, you finished the entire article! 

Of course, there should be images in between to give your readers a bit of a breather. I personally like using funny gifs to drive my points home. 

e) Frequency 

This is where many bloggers fail. They are super pumped during the initial phase but are not disciplined enough to post articles according to their schedule. Some would post 2 articles Wednesday and Saturdays for instance. Others would post only on one day say Sundays. 

The key here is to post consistently. Send out emails to your subscribers when you have something posted so they will know. Better yet, find out when are they most active and prone to opening up their emails! Send it during that time so you will have a higher click through and traffic for your blog! 

3. Social Presence 

a) Score on Local

If you have an actual physical store or place where you conduct your business, this is applicable to you. You would want to aim to score on the local page. For example, let’s search for ‘famous cafes in Paris’ on Google. This is what came up. 



If you are in France and own a café, obviously you should tailor your blog or website in such a way it has all the information. The time you are open, the location, reviews, pictures of the interior, exterior and your menu. 

b) Active 

Social media is something that many people spend a lot of time on. As a result of this, your business should have some form of social media presence. One thing that is a consequence of this is that people expect a fast reply. 

Have your staff to be just in charge of replying dms/pms/messages immediately. If you allow calls, don’t let it ring till the third time. Active means fast service. If you have fast service, your potential customers will surely be your paying customers and possibly returning customers. When they love your service, they would leave positive reviews and your blog will rank up organically. 

c) Interact and collect feedback

Tied to social media, it is nice if you give them the feeling that you actually listen to your customers. If they have any negative comments, make amends immediately! Don’t drag it out. 

Interact with them by liking their post, post it to stories, share their post and so on. It is nice to feel acknowledged by the company we love and support. Thus, we would feel ‘indebted’ and want to do something good in return. So, people would spread and raise awareness of your website through word of mouth or just casually suggest it to their friends and family. 


In conclusion, you can rank up your website organically if you follow these steps. However, if you do not have the luxury of time on your side, it is best to buy targeted traffic. Now you might be wondering what the range for buying targeted traffic is. Let me share our affordable and reasonable plan with you as illustrated below! 



So, what are you waiting for? Claim your 2 days free trial before committing to us! It is backed with money back guaranteed and you can cancel anytime you want. No questions ask. 

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