One of the biggest concerns of website owners is generating enough traffic for their sites. Some have tried to use SEO and content marketing with a guest post to increase traffic and also improve their CTR (click-through rate). while some have maintained a healthy organic CTR by paying to get substantial traffic for their sites.  Whether it’s funding pay per click campaigns or buying exhibit ads, many have kept their CTR at a considerable high percentage by buying traffic. In this article, we’ll show you how this works  

What Does It Mean To Buy Traffic?

Most people tend to misunderstand the phrase buying traffic as just funding pay per click adverts or banner ads. Some also think that it’s when you pay for any form of advertising like YouTube adverts. Actually, there is more to buying traffic than those aspects. Keeping it simple and clear, buying traffic means whenever money or any other thing is exchanged for traffic. There are various ways in which one can buy traffic, and each technique has a different impact on CTR. Let’s explore some of the most established methods of buying traffic

Pay per Click Campaigns

Our first most established method derives its name from how it functions. Pay per click campaigns bills advertisers for every click they get from the traffic generated through the campaign. This seems to be profitable when trying to improve your CTR. It promises you as an advertiser a better ROI assuming the pricing is not sky-high. This keeps your budget within beneficial confines as any dollar spent has a significant impact on your CTR.

Buying Banner/Ad Traffic

This is another highly recommended method of getting traffic to your site. Ad traffic involves traffic that is created when users click on adverts, banners, pop-ups or videos. It’s not like pay per click where you’re charged for every click but is done on per thousand impressions basis. It means that we’ve even if just one visitor out of those one thousand impressions clicked the ad, you will pay. This method does not really promise much traffic to your site as it offers a much lower CTR.

Benefits of Buying Traffic

Buying traffic has numerous benefits and enables businesses to have increased publicity and conversions. Let’s take a look at a few advantages of buying traffic

Immediate Effect

One known fact about buying traffic is that it has an immediate effect on the traffic on your site. Once you’re up a pay per click or banner ad campaign, it only takes a short while before the patronage comes raining in. This is an edge it has over other kinds of advertising, buying traffic promises a much quicker return on investment. 

Links You to an Astonishing User Base  

There are internet users that would not have known about the existence of some sites if not for paid traffic. With traffic vendors like getpeople contributing massive third party show systems, your advert could be on millions of other websites.  Aside from the huge publicity buying traffic offers, it also brings your website to the knowledge of users no other advert would try. 

Improved CTR 

With all the fuss about buying traffic, this is the most profitable benefit of all. What use would paid traffic be off if it doesn’t have a significant impact on your click-through rate? The traffic generated on your website is converted into clicks on your adverts, which in turn boost your SEO rankings. Now we’re talking! 

Demerits of Buying Traffic

It’s a given that buying traffic is one of, if not the most effective method used by businesses to generate traffic on their websites. Nonetheless, there are some demerits you may want to consider

It’s Downright Expensive

This is perhaps the most obvious disadvantage of buying traffic. It cost websites millions of dollars yearly to acquire traffic through sponsoring ad or pay per click campaigns. The funny part is that no matter how savvy you try to be, it will definitely tell on your budget.

Ad Fraud

The propensity for ad fraud has extensively heightened in the last couple of years, and this increases the cost of adverts yearly. Whether you run an ad campaign or PPC, there is every tendency that you’ll be victimized. We initially talked about having thousands of impressions without a single click, you recall, right? Good, this is because a good number of those views we’re robots and not human beings. That is a massive turn off for whoever wants to invest in buying traffic, you can imagine paying for ten thousand impressions without a single click. 

The SEO Lifeline

Buying traffic is an excellent way of driving traffic to your website if there be a level of authenticity guaranteed. But this would be best to impossible because those endorsing the fraudulent views won’t like to stop. With this Litany of problems and more, Search Engine Optimization comes as a worthy lifeline. Although a slow rate of generating traffic, SEO, when at its peak of function, can drive massive traffic to your site. It offers a more authentic but ‘slow and steady’ way to generate traffic if invested in. 

How Does Buying Traffic Compare to Other Forms of Traffic 

We’ve seen quite a lot about buying traffic, before going further; let’s see how it thrives with other forms of traffic. There many other ways of getting traffic when you are not buying it, the best instance is search engine optimization.  SEO can be simply achieved by dropping the optimized web, creating quality backlinks, and promoting good SEO techniques. It is relatively cheaper than buying traffic as money is not used directly in SEO. Nonetheless, money is invested in improving site contents and layout to rank high on search engines. This is the only way SEO generates traffic, as the name goes if your site is optimized by the search engines, more traffic! But it builds over time; its impact is not felt immediately like when you buy traffic. However, its building period is the only slack it has, because once the traffic starts coming, it doesn’t stop. This implies that it is far more cost-effective to implement an SEO strategy than buying traffic. That been said, it is worthy of note that new website owners are always impatient for the traffic to start flowing. This is where buying traffic edges out SEO, because who wouldn’t want a fast ROI? While it takes next to no time to create an ad campaign, it takes a lot to develop an effective SEO strategy. Technique, dexterity, tenacity, and perseverance are qualities that are required to build an efficient SEO. Anyone that is left out is already headed your campaign to failure boulevard. For my verdict, I’d rather stick with the quick, result-oriented way of buying traffic because of its direct impact on a site’s CTR. 

Impact on Click-Through Rate 

It’s of no use if the traffic generated on your website doesn’t turn into clicks. The search engine optimization can only guarantee this traffic, but what of the CTR? The funny thing is if your CTR declines, your ranks on the search engine results also drop. This is where buying traffic does its magic on your CTR. Now when sites such as getpeople handle your campaigns, they link you to users who need your services. This means that they’ll certainly see what they are looking for on your site and click away from their sorrows and yours. 

How to Increase CTR 

Even when you’ve acquired a level of traffic, there is still little work to be done to ensure imminent clicks. 

Try Using Catchy Titles

Your title is the main reason why users want to read your content, so you should try and make it as efficient as you can. Here’s a few ways to do that 

Give Yourself Various Options

If you want to have an outstanding title, you should try out different headlines. You shouldn’t just stick with the first one that comes to your mind, toss between various options. Just come up with ten different post headlines, you’ll see how it modifies the aspect of the title.

 Make It More Emotion Centered  

The fact that you, as a user clicks on any post, is down to how it affects you emotionally. Now don’t go all mucky on me, but much of our conclusions are influenced by our emotions. So do the math, if your title is centered on people’s feelings, they have little choice than to click. 

 Adopt List Method 

Post titles that feature topX of anything have been confirmed to promote CTR. Most websites that flourish in business are dependent on just listicles and they’ve had no complaints at all. One of the major reasons for this prowess is that they are easily understandable by anyone who reads it.  As an added tip, lists of even numbers sell more than odd numbers 

Enhance the Speed of Your Web Page

Another way of improving your CTR is by ensuring that your site loads with the speed of light. A slow website is always a user’s bane, and it ends up denying the website that the user’s click. Make your site as fast as it can be and see your CTR at its maximum.

Pay Attention to Your Meta Description

Meta descriptions describe your entire content in very few powerful words. That little strip of words that engulfs the reader and makes him/her see more, that’s meta description. Now the search engines have the power to choose the line of words if you don’t preset a custom description.  So it’s better to make use of plug-ins for an effective meta description and ensure you stuff it up with bullet entrapping words.  One of the major challenges for increasing CTR is the lack of traffic. Once you’ve gotten the inflow of internet users to your site you’re in good stead to experience skyrocketing click through rates. In the article, we’ve extensively discussed how buying traffic can improve your click-through rate. And we’re sure you’re prepared to give your CTR a significant advancement, contact getpeople today.