Every online business needs to attract targeted traffic to their website. Whether you’re personally running your blog or you hire the service of SEO professional to manage your site. You need to grow your website traffic to achieve your business goal.

Growing organic web traffic is not an easy task. You need the right SEO tool that can help you optimize your website and make it more search engine-friendly. With the right tool, you’ll be able to launch more effective SEO strategies and stop making guesses, wasting time and resources.

Now, the problem is not lack of SEO tools but choosing the right tool to use, as there are many of them in the market. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best SEO tools that every business owner and marketer need to have in their toolbox.


This is an all-encompassing SEO tool. It is one of the prominent SEO analysis options that you can find online. SEMrush enables you to audit your SEO opportunities and collect insights from your competitors. That is, it allows you to monitor paid traffic, social media-driven traffic as well as both desktop and mobile traffic.

This tool makes it easy to identify relevant keywords that you can use to rank your website. Just by entering a word or phrase, it will show its search volume, potential, difficulty, and other competitors that already rank for it. 

Besides that, it also suggests related keywords that you can apply in your keyword strategy. It gives you access to platforms where you can build backlinks and also collect brand mentions that can be used for promotional opportunities.  

SEMruch has impressive features that make it handy. Some the features that you’ll find hugely useful include:

  • On the page checker
  • Content analyzer
  • Backlink audit tools
  • Pay per click (PPC) keyword tool


Ahrefs is another comprehensive SEO tool that comes with different SEO auditing tools. It analyses each of the pages on your website and gives a report. You can use the detailed organic search report to improve on your search rankings and build your organic traffic.

Ahrefs provides you with keywords that your competitors are ranking for in search engine results. It gives you ideas of targeted keywords that you improve your brand’s online presence and search discovery. 

One of the essential features of Ahrefs is a backlink checker tool, and it is vital for every SEO specialist. Just by inserting the link address into their Site Explorer tool, it provides valuable SEO metrics about links. You will be able to understand how both external and internal links operate. Ahrefs will identify the 404s, orphan pages, broken pages, and slow-loading pages.

Also, it addresses internal website issues such as content quality, content duplicate and the size of word count. This SEO checker tool rates the overall health of your website by graphically comparing the results of earlier audits.

Ahrefs also has other useful features such as the content explorer tool and the rank tracker tool. The content explorer tool helps you to find high-performing content and location while the rank tracker tool provides specific ranking reports.

Google Search Console

There’s no better way to know if your SEO strategy is working on Google than to get the information directly from Google. Google Search Console is one of the best SEO tools that you can use to get comprehensive details about the performance of your website on Google Search results. It shows you how your site appears in Google searches.

This tool will optimize your website’s performance in search results and also give insight into how Google views it. You’ll be able to identify the following with Google Search Console:

  • the various devices your visitors use on Google to find out about your website
  • the geographical locations of your customers or visitors
  • the landing pages through which users visited your website
  • the search queries that generated impressions and clicks on Google

Google Search Console will show you the keywords that your website ranks for, as well as the click-through rate. It analyzes website’s possible index-ability, linked websites, and spam-related problems.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be utilized as an SEO monitoring tool to boost your web traffic. It is necessary to make use of Google Analytics if you want to get the best out of your SEO efforts. This tool provides you with essential data that you can use to optimize your website ranking. 

Google Analytics will give you information about your traffic sources, bounce rate, organic traffic, average time spent on site, page loading speed, and so on. All this information will enable you to easily see the performance of your website. You’ll know what’s working and what’s not working on your website.  

And again, it’ll give you an insight on how to improve on your SEO, attract more traffic to your website and increase conversions. Google Analytics is free, and it is easy to connect with your website.

Another exciting thing about Google Analytics is that you can link your account with Google Search Console. Linking your Google Analytics account with Google search console gives you access to more analytic reports. You’ll get regular reports about your website’s presence in Google search results and the keywords that visitors used to find your website.

 Not only that, but you’ll also be able to import data from Google Search Console into your Google Analytics. This will provide a better opportunity to analyze and improve your SEO campaign.


Here is another effective SEO tool that you can use to better the performance of your website. This tool is arguably the best Google Analytics plug-in for WordPress. Like Google Search Console, MonsterInsights also allows you to easily connect your website with Google Analytics.  

With MonsterInsights, it doesn’t take much effort to set up Google Analytics with WordPress. You only have to activate the plug-in and make a few clicks. No single line of code is required. It is also easy to monitor the performance of your SEO campaigns.

The following are some of the ways MonsterInsights can be used to track a website’s SEO performance.

  • Track search queries to understand the importance of keywords to web pages.
  • Study the changes in your organic traffic so that you can devise better strategies to improve it.
  • Monitor the SEO performance of each page to identify what works and what’s not working.
  • Measure the speed of your website.
  • Evaluate your website, mobile-friendliness.
  • Measure the engagement of your pages to see if your content is useful to visitors.

MonsterInsights enables the use of different tracking features of Google Analytics. These include – forms tracking, ads tracking, eCommerce tracking, and so on. Also, it allows you to review the overall performance of your website on your WordPress dashboard. And you don’t have to log into your Google Analytics account.

Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress SEO plug-ins around. It allows natural optimization of website to boost traffic and better search engine rankings. Whether you’re running a personal website or you’re an SEO expert managing a website for a client, Yoast SEO will make your website to rank high on search engines.

Yoast SEO plug-in can be easily installed on any self-hosted WordPress website. Unlike other SEO plug-ins, it forces you to choose a target keyword for your site and then ensure you correctly used it on the page. The installation of Yoast SEO is free, but there’s an option for premium where you have to pay to enjoy some extra functionality. 

This tool makes it easy to perform actions like meta description and control titles. Without much effort, you can set your targeted keywords and schedule how often you’ll be using them. Yoast SEO offers you all the technical SEO optimization you need for your website.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a free SEO tool with a unique approach to website optimization. This tool helps you to identify questions that target audiences are asking on the Google search engine. So that when you’re creating content, you can provide answers to these questions. This will make your content to appear in the results when prospects search on the internet. 

With this tool, you can generate many different content ideas according to the targeted keyword. From there, you can select the relevant and less competitive ones. This will increase the chance of engagement of your content and as a result, will attract targeted organic to your website. 

Having the right SEO tool will save you a lot of trouble and make it easy for you to promote your website on search engine results. You’ll be able to effortlessly discover opportunities for growing web traffic. SEO tools will fix your website vulnerabilities that could affect your ranking on search engines. They will speed up your entire SEO process, analyze and optimize your campaigns. At, we not only give you access to viable traffic; we also help put your SEO on the right track.

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