To successfully run a website, traffic is one of the things you are bound to keep in mind always. No traffic means no profit and no profit, well, you know the rest. For every content you publish or any page you refine, you’re probably thinking of how many people are going to view/read it or in other words, how many visitors you get. Sometimes, you’re bound to become overly obsessive with getting a positive outcome. The big question is, do you sit back and wait for increased traffic, or do you buy organic website traffic?

Organic traffic is a term which refers to visitors who land on your website due to unpaid “organic” search results. This means visitors you have on your site had to find you through search engines such as Google or Bing and not paid ads. However, since we can’t force anyone to visit a website likewise is in the building of a website. 

The importance of traffic cannot be overemphasised; it helps improve search visibility. And search visibility is essential if you intend to go far with your website and business. It’s a proven fact that no one can successfully grow an online business without a healthy flow of website visitors.

Not pulling in the right amount of traffic means you won’t have leads, and the lack of leads, in turn, means you won’t earn any new consumers.

Facts about Organic Traffic

  • Organic traffic comes to your website only when a visitor types a query into Google requesting to organically access your website and thus prompting to find you through search results. 
  • There are two types of search results. First, Pay-per-click (PPC) these results are ads that appear on the search engine results page (SERP). They have been paid for by an advertiser using the Google Adwords service. The advertiser chooses keywords for the ads, and then the ads appear if the keywords correlate to the search terms. 

The second type of search result is an organic search. Organic search results are different from advertisements. These results appear when the search term correlates to the actual content of a website.

  • Anytime someone lands on your website through search engine result pages (SERPs), it means you are receiving organic search traffic.

Buying web traffic

If you have in mind to buy web traffic, be rest assured you are making a smart move. For starters, Targeted web traffic is cheap, and you are in full control of the entire process. Secondly, it has a clear payment model,  a lot of financial and SEO benefits and great monitoring tools. The only pitfalls of web traffic buying are some fake web traffic providers and scamming websites.

Since it’s a difficult task to hold down top spots in the SERPs for your website keywords, even worse most searchers hardly get past the first or second pages of Google, many marketers and website owner go for the pay per click option. For starters, it’s useful, fast and offers high online-visibility to your business. 

However, the moment you don’t pay your visibility goes away, which is why you need to buy organic web traffic to stay at the top of your game. Without wasting further time, let’s quickly go through the advantages of buying organic web traffic.

  1. Provides an opportunity to access highly qualified prospects

Having the numbers isn’t just enough anymore, the quality of the traffic matters. Buying traffic give you access to highly qualified candidates who to a great extent are interested in the services you have to provide. What this means, in essence, is, having the kind of visitors who can convert into potential customers. 

Buying organic web traffic from the right vendors’ gives you access to the right kind of visitors, I mean visitors are looking for exactly the king of services you are offering and at a cheaper rate.

  1. Minimises your reliance on organic web traffic

What more could beat the thought of not having to rely on organic web traffic? When you buy, you take charge of how fast you want your business to grow. With the ever-changing landscapes of search engine updates, a site that was once ranked high could easily fall off the wagon and plunge further down the page if care is not taken. It doesn’t take much to get your site back up on the SERPs, and all that time, energy and resource can be simplified by buying instant traffic to your website.

  1. Helps you determine who visits your website

Various websites have criteria with regards to the type of visitors depending on the services they offer. For instance, a website might require increased visitors from a specific location, probably because the service they offer applies more to customers in that particular location.

How it works:

When you buy web traffic, gain access to great monitoring tools to track your incoming visitors. Although Google Analytics is an excellent tool for analysation of website data, not ideal for monitoring incoming targeted traffic. Most web traffic providers make use of third-party cookies, which are not readable by Google Analytics. The other Google’s tool called Google URL Shortener, a domain name shorteners, is an excellent tool for tracking and verifying incoming web traffic. Some third-party web statistics tracker, such as Statcounter – Web Analytics Made Easy, or can also be used to track the visitors.

Purchasing traffic allows you to narrow down to the particular customers who require the specific needs you offer. And if you can narrow down to the specific customers your website needs, the chances are that you’ll make higher conversions. When you buy web traffic from a reputable provider, you are in control of how many visitors you get when you place an order.

Similarly, because you have access to a particular kind of audience, chances of better keywords predictions are bound to increase this means you stand a better chance with targeted keywords.

  1. Paid traffic is quiet affordable

One of the misconceptions about buying web traffic is that it’s quite expensive. This secret is kept hiding among top entrepreneurs who out of competition not let up comers would know the secret of their high rate of conversions.

Targeted web traffic prices are very stable and low. They are much lower than in popular Pay-Per-Click model. The reason is that the traffic recipients (customers) do not have to compete with each other like in some other digital advertising models. Also, there are no keyword auctions, which makes the business environment much more pleasant and less stressful. You can still find reputable web traffic providers (Visitor Maker – Buy website traffic that converts, for example) who can send you 5000 quality visitors for less than $10.

If you’ve ever looked into Adwords or CPC rates, you know just how expensive targeted traffic can be.  Adword CPC rates are skyrocketing to and new Google Ad layout policies are only going to raise rates and hurt organic traffic more.  Buying traffic is a great strategy to overcome these changes.  While Adwords commonly cost dollars, paid traffic only costs cents!  Purchasing website hits an absolute bargain!

  1. It is a sustainable approach

Instead of waiting till thy kingdom come for your website traffic to organically grow, choose to buy traffic instead and improve from there. Organically grown sites require constant investments, maintenance and manipulation to attract and convert customers. Although it could eventually happen, it could take forever.

Also, because the SEO landscape is continuously changing the only constant fact are the customers you have established it is best to buy traffic which will help you stay on top of these changes in a bid to help maximise your results.

  1. Stress-free process

Reputable web traffic providers use clear payment models. You pay for traffic first, then your payment and the website are approved, and finally, you get agreed on the number of visitors delivered to your site. The entire process can take a couple of hours, but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. The more visitors you order, the more potential customers you will get. It’s up to you to know how much traffic you should order. Of a lite increase in customer number, you can order 5,000 to 10,000, but for a more significant spike in sales, one can get up to 250,000 visitors.

Contrary to what most people think, buying web traffic does not harm the website’s SEO. Moreover, it helps SEO! The more visitors a website gets, the more SEO points are given by Google to improve the website’s authority. Google tracks website’s popularity by using data from Google Analytics, Webmasters Tools, Chrome Browser, Google Toolbar, and of course, Google Search. In this very competitive internet world, for an online business to succeed, one needs all the SEO benefits that he or she can get.

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