Social media has become part of our daily lives. Eight out of every ten internet users are on social media platforms. And we cannot talk about digital marketing without making mention of social media.

Businesses and internet marketers utilize this opportunity to connect with their target audience. They invest in content advertising to improve awareness and engagement. And as a result, increase their sales and conversions.

But many of them are finding it difficult to record any success with their organic tactics.

Getting your target audience to interact with your content is becoming tougher due to the competitiveness of social media marketing. To launch an effective marketing campaign, you need to understand the tactics of content advertisement on social media.

Like any other marketing campaigns, content advertisement on social media needs strategy and technical know-how to be successful.  

Read on to learn about the 10 powerful tips to successful content advertising on social media. These tips will help you to hone your tactics and move you closer towards achieving your business goals.

1. Increase Engagement with Audience Targeting

For your content to get the desired interactions, you need to design it specifically for your target audience. Not all your fans or followers on social media are your target audience. Targeting all of them is not the right way to go. 

All your followers are not the same. They have different backgrounds, culture, income, value, and interest. To avoid waste of time and efforts, you need first of all to define who you want to reach out to. Then you create content aiming at your audience. 

Developing a relevant buyer persona is very important for successful content advertisement. Your message will only be effective if it is explicitly created for the target audience.   

2. Know how ads work on each social media platforms

Understanding how ads work on different platforms will enable you to choose the right content for your advert. It will also help you to keep control of your budget and get the most out of your investment. 

Each social media platform offers a unique way of reaching out to the audience. If you’re trying to reach out to businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is your best bet. You can use Twitter and Facebook to sell directly to your followers, while Instagram and Snapchat are useful for targeting the younger audience.    

Also, you need to find out the platform your competitors are using. Learn about their online presence and who their followers are. You should launch your content advertising campaign on any platform your competitors have a large number of followers. 

The followers of your competitors are also your potential customers. Never be afraid of competition. Improve your brand awareness and create contents that can convince your competitor’s followers. Once you’re able to win them over, it can only mean one thing for your brand, and that is more sales.  

To successfully manage ads on social media requires a lot of time. Investing heavily in one or two channels will be more productive than investing in six or more channels with a thin message. You should limit your campaign to one or two channels for effective marketing.

3. Embrace retargeting

Retargeting is a form of content advertising that helps businesses to keep their brand in front of bounced traffic. By bounced traffic, we mean those who leave your page without making a purchase. Only about 2 percent of social interactions lead to conversions on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool used by businesses to reach 98 percent of visitors who don’t purchase the first visit.

Social media platforms avail you the opportunity to retarget or remarket your content. Retargeting enables you to remind your audience about your brand. It allows you to keep your brand in the mind of your social visitors. 

Retargeting is an effective marketing strategy. It focuses your ads on users who are already familiar with your brand and have recently shown interest. Though retargeting doesn’t improve site traffic, it helps to increase conversions. It is a powerful branding and conversion optimization marketing strategy.

Social media retargeting will help you to multiply your engagement by a factor of 3, and it will double your conversion rates, while at the same time you reduce cost by a third. Take advantage of retargeting and make the most of it for your business.

4. Use social media influencers

An Influencer is a personality on social media who has established authority in a particular industry. They usually have large audience or followers, and they can persuade them to buy from associated brands by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

About 50 percent of online buyers make purchases based on influencer’s reviews and recommendations. This is so because they have established credibility, and buyers trust their recommendations.

So, if you want to improve your brand awareness, it is only logical you hire the service of an Influencer. Due to their large number of followers, they already have the audience you’re looking for. They can help you to promote your business and increase buyer’s interactions with your content.

5. Grow your audience

You need to work on improving your followers on various social media platforms. The higher the numbers of people that view your content, the more engagement you get. Ensure your return customers follow your page. 

Post new contents, product updates, and share the latest industry information. All these are valuable to your customers, and it will make them engage with your content. And if you’re consistent, your message could prompt them to buy again. Not only that, but they could also invite their friends or followers to buy from you. 

Encourage users who may come across your content to follow you. Let them subscribe to your blog by promising them more interesting future updates. Posting interesting contents is a great way to grow followers.

6. Begin each campaign with multiple ads

Whenever you want to launch a marketing campaign on social media, it is important to have multiple ads in the queue. Having a different version of ads available will prevent your target audience from getting bored with your content. It will make you look forward to your next post.

But if you keep posting the same ad over and over again, your audience may lose interest in your messages. When people see the same thing repeatedly, they get bored with it and fatigue will set in. And this may hurt your campaign.

Multiple ads will help reduce fatigue. It’ll also enable you to see which of your ads is getting the desired attention and which one is not. With that, you’ll know where you’re getting it right and the area you need to improve.

7. Engage your audience

One way to also have a successful content advertising on social media is to increase engagement with followers. To do this, comment, share, and like your follower’s posts. Respond promptly to their questions and address any issues that may arise. 

Whenever you a post about a particular product or service, tag followers you think may be interested in it. Use hashtags so that your audience can easily follow up on any topic of interest. Hashtags can make your post to trend and go viral on social media. 

Generally, personal touches like commenting, liking, or retweeting your follower’s posts will help drive your social media efforts. 

8. Create mobile-friendly ads

The majority of social media users access them on their mobile phones. Almost 80 percent of social media time is spent on mobile devices. If you want more people to see your ads, it is therefore important to create ads that are mobile-friendly.

When creating ads ensure to choose images and videos that can be easily viewed on mobile devices. And if you’re directing followers to your blog or site, make sure the pages are compatible with mobile devices. 

9. Check your performance

Yes, it is essential to measure your efforts with your results to see if you’re making progress. Checking the performance of your ads will enable you to know which of your strategies is paying off and which one is not. 

Measure the of likes, comment, or shares your posts are receiving. Are they getting enough responses from your followers? Note the ones with the highest amount of engagements.

Check if the number of your followers is growing on each social media platform. Is the number of new followers received compare to the goal? An effective platform should always gain a sizeable amount of new followers.

Also, check if your ads are driving traffic to your website. How many new clicks did you receive? The success of content advertising depends on the ability to attract the target audience to make a purchase.

10. Deliver consistently

Content advertisement is more than just posting a blog, video, or picture on every platform. An outstanding marketing strategy is one that is done consistently. Always keep the targeted audience in mind when creating content. 

Make sure you at all times post useful and relevant information about your product or industry. This will make your followers to trust you.  Once they trust you, they will be looking forward to more of your contents, and they will be ready to buy from you.  

Consistency is KEY to the success of any business.

Adopt these 10 powerful tips to your social media marketing campaign and see how quickly you achieve your business goal(s). 


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